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Academic Center for Tutoring

Academic Center for Tutoring

Student Resources & Policies

This page contains policies and links to student resources for math, science, writing, and humanities. To make an appointment with an ACT tutor, please visit our Appointments page.

General Policies

Students can expect

  • Interaction with a knowledgeable, courteous, and attentive staff.
  • Tutors to ask more questions than offer direct answers or model learning and writing strategies, as methods for helping students continue to develop as independent learners.
  • An inviting environment, where the design is comfortable and staff and fellow students respect each other.

The ACT staff members expect students to

  • Arrive on time for their appointments (if applicable) with all the materials necessary for a successful session.
  • Arrive at their appointments ready to engage actively with their assigned tutor.
  • Avoid answering cell phones and texts, unless notified at the beginning of the session that an emergency call is expected.
  • Avoid asking us to predict grades or complete class forms, unless the director and an instructor have made previous arrangements.
  • Use their own EAB accounts to make appointments.
  • Cancel appointments 1 hour prior to appointment. If it's less than 1 hour, the appointment will be marked as a "no-show." After 2 no-shows, students must wait 

Student Resources

Math & Science Resources

Writing & Humanities Resources

Math & Science Resources

We offer free tutoring services in introductory math and science classes to currently enrolled CSU students. The center library includes various math and science textbooks to support all core curriculum classes. These textbooks are for use with a tutor while in the ACT and are not available for loan or copying. We encourage you to bring your textbook with you.

Mathematics Resources

Browse through the links below for helpful tips on common math mistakes and online tutorials.


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Science Resources

Various science textbooks to support all core curriculum science courses such as: Anatomy/Physiology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics. Textbooks available for use with a tutor while in the ACT.

Most textbooks have been generously donated by CSU faculty.


Please access using your CSU email credentials

Math & Science Handouts

Math Reference Pages Periodic Table of Elements
t Distribution Chart Z Scores Table
Statistics: Finding P Value Statistics Formulas
Chi Square Tables Trigonometry
Special Functions Graph of Parent Functions


Writing & Humanities Resources

Browse through the links below for helpful tips on studying, learning, and writing.

Grammar & Writing


Foreign Languages

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Writing for History

Political Science

Philosophy and Formal Logic

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Please access using your CSU email credentials


Other Writing

APA Formatting Guide PowerPoint Presentations
MLA Formatting Guide (8th ed.) Resume & Cover Letter
Turabian Formatting Guide Personal Statement
Common Errors: Editing Checklist  
Paramedic Method:  Clear & Concise Writing


Grammar Practice Masculine & Feminine Verbs
Introductory & Body Paragraphs Ser & Estar
Independent & Dependent Clauses  
Commas, Colons, & Semi-Colons  
Thesis Statement  
Troubleshooting Your Writing  
Transition Words  
Top 20 Confused Words  
Using Sources Effectively  
Avoiding Plagiarism  
Literature Review  
Narrative Essays  
Literary Analysis  
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