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Academic Center for Tutoring

Academic Center for Tutoring

ACT Staff Resources

During "down time," please search YouTube with the terms "effective tutoring strategies." You can add to these search terms the name of your discipline, for example, "effective tutoring strategies psychology." Watch the videos with the top views and appropriate titles, while also attending intermittently to clients and ACT shift duties (Read below).

Many of the following files require that you to use your Columbus State MyCSU or CougarView access information. 

Training Forms & Documents

Tutors & Peer Leaders


ACT Tutor Absence & Tardy Policy

Momentum Peer Leader (MPL) Responsibilities & Procedures


Class Visit Instructions 

Tutor Report Guidelines

Additional Responsibilities and Tutor/Peer Leader Downtime Checklist

Shift Responsibilities - TUTORS

Tracking Attendance & Completing Group Tutor Reports - PEER LEADERS

Point for Perks (Teams & Points)

ACT Front Desk Substitute Instructions

Online Appointment Instructions

Conducting a Live Online Tutoring Appointment - MATH-SCIENCE-HUMANITIES TUTORS

Conducting an Online Writing Tutoring Appointment - WRITING-HUMANITIES TUTORS

Staff Meetings

Read "Training Meeting Attendance" in Handbook - TUTORS, PEER LEADERS, MPLs

Sample Summary & Reflection for a Missed Meeting - WRITING-HUMANITIES STAFF

Sample Summary & Reflection for a Missed Meeting - MATH-SCIENCE STAFF 

New Tutors & New Peer Leaders

Observation Form for Face-to-Face Tutoring

Observation Training Procedures

Safety Information

ACT Emergency Protocol

Active Shooter Video *This video is intended to help staff know what to do in the event of an active shooter situation on campus. Some scenes are violent. Viewer discretion is advised.

BART (Behavioral Assessment & Recommendation Team)

SAVE (Sexual Assault & Violence Education)

Form for Staff Recommendations & Reporting Incidents  MyCSU/OneCSU Login information REQUIRED to access the form.

Campus Carry (House Bill 280) - ACT staff and clients should know and comply with the Campus Carry (House Bill 280) law. 

ACT Administration


Handbook - Administrative & Graduate Assistants

HR Resources

The following links and information are used to enter in/out time for OneUSG Connect. If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at 706-507-8920. The director can only comment and approve time. The director cannot help with logins or problems with entering time. Missing Student Assistant Tab?? If you're missing the Student Assistant tab or button in MyCSU, you can still access OneUSG Connect by going to HR's website and clicking the red OneUSG Connect Login button. If one browser doesn't work, try another one. If you work multiple jobs at CSU, then please view Multi-CSU Job OneUSG Connect to see an illustration of how to access the interface for entering ACT in/out time.

OneUSG Connect Training Videos

Pay Periods & Processing Calendars 

HR Timesheet (If OneUSG not available)

Form for Staff Recommendations & Reporting Incidents MyCSU/OneCSU Login information REQUIRED to access the form.

ACT Staff Profile Form MyCSU/OneCSU Login information REQUIRED to access the form.