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Academic Center for Tutoring

Academic Center for Tutoring


The Academic Center for Tutoring's (ACT) primary mission is to support students in their courses of their first and second academic years and by helping them build their confidence, knowledge, and skills in their core courses, in courses across the curriculum, and in other professional and academic situations. We support Columbus State University's mission, vision, and priorities, specifically the ACT supports the following priorities

  • Attract a higher percentage of students with the motivation and preparation to complete a degree
  • Employ more creative instructional methods to meet the needs of diverse students (nontraditional, traditional, first generation, international, honors, graduates)
  • Increase student academic and social engagement and sense of belonging


ACT is a free tutoring service to support enrolled students succeed in understanding the fundamental theories and practices within math, science, writing, and the humanities. The primary tutoring focus is for core classes in these areas. Tutors will create an inviting learning environment, model learning methods, allow student clients to practice learning skills, and nurture ongoing and emerging skills. To become tutors for ACT, candidates must receive faculty recommendations; submit a statement of writing process (only writing and humanities tutors); receive an invitation from the ACT Director to interview; interview with the ACT Director; successfully complete ITDS 2795 Lead Learner; and receive an offer from the Director to join the staff.

The services of the ACT are primarily for undergraduate students and, to a limited degree, graduate students. We are a pedagogical service, not an editing service for faculty.


The ACT performs an annual self-assessment, examining retention and GPA. A recent analysis of fall 2015 data shows with statistical significance (p=0.023 that students who visit the ACT for writing tutoring have a higher CSU GPA (mean (sd)) than those who do not visit the ACT. Those students who visit the ACT for writing tutoring have a higher retention rate (77.2%) than those who do not visit the ACT (72.2%).