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Academic Center for Tutoring

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We will be happy to visit one or more of your classes to describe our services and answer student questions. To have a 10 - 15 minute presentation or a longer writing tutorial or workshop, please click the link for the ACTT Class Visitation Request Form

Class Visit

  • 10 to 15 minutes
  • Presentation includes how to register, make appointments, modify appointments
  • Tutors will explain ACT services and general information
  • Click the link to ACT Class Visit Request form  

Writing Tutorial

Writing Workshop

  • 50 to 75 minutes or up to 2 hours if scheduled during out-of-class hours
  • Presentation includes mini-lesson and discussion (15 minutes)
  • Writing consultant(s) help students revise and edit their rough drafts
  • Students must bring in a sample of their writing to work on
  • Click the link to ACT Class Visit Request form

*Writing Tutorial Descriptions

Introduction to the Chicago Manual of Style

In this tutorial, students will learn the general writing principles outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style. The writing consultant will encourage students to consider the advantages of this citation format and why certain academic disciplines use the Chicago Manual of Style. The presentation includes an overview of the notes/bibliography (NB) citation format and examples of the most common types of sources used in undergraduate writing. In addition, students will receive general writing advice and information about specific resources that can help them master the Chicago Manual of Style citation format.

Developing a Lucid and Sound Thesis Statement

A strong thesis statement is a fundamental element of any written assignment, yet many students lack a basic understanding of what a thesis statement is and how to create one. In this tutorial, students will learn how to develop and create a thesis statement that analyzes, and makes specific claims about, a narrow topic. By using fun and culturally relevant examples, the writing consultant will demonstrate to students how they can progress from statements of fact to arguments that make specific, analytical claims.

Grammar Refresher

This tutorial offers students a general review of English grammar. The writing consultant will review the eight parts of speech, subjects and predicates, prepositional phrases, independent and dependent clauses, complex and compound sentences, and commonly misused words. In addition, students will review basic punctuation rules including the use of commas, semicolons, and periods. ACT Writing Tutorial Grammar Refresher Video Recording 

Academic Style

The writing consultant will begin this tutorial with a general discussion about different English dialects and the importance of using Standard English in formal academic writing. Students will discuss the importance of avoiding biased word choice and phraseology, using active construction over passive construction, and maintaining parallel structure within their sentences. In addition, students will learn how to effectively transition from one idea to another and use signal phrase verbs to introduce their sources.

Active and Passive Voice

Many students hear from their professors that they can improve their writing style and create better prose by avoiding passive voice construction. Yet many students do not fully understand what passive voice construction is and how to avoid it. In this tutorial, students will review English syntax and the relationships between subject, verb, and object. The writing consultant will show students how to identify passive voice construction in their own writing and will present them with specific strategies for revising their ideas using active voice. Students will discuss why active voice construction is preferred and when passive voice construction might be preferred over active voice.