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Academic Center for Tutoring

Academic Center for Tutoring

Scheduling an Appointment

The Academic Center for Tutoring (ACT) offers face-to-face appointments for math, science, writing, and selected humanities subjects; live online appointments for math and science subjects; and asynchronous online appointments for writing.

Face-to-Face Appointments

Brief instructions: Once you log in to MyCSU, under Students, click EAB. Once you're in EAB, click Get Assistance. On the next screen, simply follow the on screen instructions. 

Extended instructions: Instructions for Making a Face-to-Face Appointment at CSU's ACT

Online Appointments

The ACT has two types of online appointments for specific types of tutoring subjects. Please read the following sections for more information and instructions.

Making and Participating in an ACT Live Online Tutoring Appointment for Math, Science, and Foreign Language

Live online tutoring appointments are primarily for math and science tutoring; however, students are welcome to use this method for any help other than assistance with writing. Students must use Google Hangouts via their CSU account to participate in a live online appointment. Prior to making a live online appointment, please read the instructions "Making and Participating in an ACT Live Online Tutoring Appointment - STUDENTS."

Making and Participating in an ACT Online Writing Tutoring Appointment

Online writing tutoring is for assistance with writing assignments in any course and at any level. We recommend 1 hour appointments (2 30-minute appointments back to back) for up to 8 pages, and multiple appointments for more than 8 pages. Students must use Google Drive to participate in an online writing tutoring appointment. Prior to making a live online appointment, please read the instructions "Making and Participating in an ACT Online Writing Tutoring Appointment - STUDENTS".

Missed Appointments

Please visit our Policies page for details about this topic.

Preparing for the Appointment

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment start time and have with you any relevant instructions, textbooks, class notes, handouts, and so forth.

Viewing & Printing Appointment Summary Reports

The appointment summary report is a confirmation of your appointment. It reviews what you worked on and it makes recommendations for the next steps in your learning. You can view and print this report for yourself or for your teacher.

  1. Login to EAB via MyCSU.
  2. On the Student Home page, click the gray Reports tab.
  3. Under the Appointment Summaries table, select the report you wish to view, then click the View Report link.
  4. View or print your tutor report from the pop up window.